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Enhancements to Version 2.0 of the Economic Viewer

The following enhancements have been made to version 2.0 of this program:

1. The program now includes the option of calculating ballast costs, it assumes group replacement of the ballasts at the end of the ballast life. This includes.

         Ballast life based on ballast type and ambient temperature

         Ballast replacement time per two sub-processes (replacement & install) 

2. The program now can optionally printout annual costs, by year, showing the actual costs in the years they are realized (excluding ballast material costs if under the warranty period ... but that would only happen if the warranty is longer than the ballast life).

3. Adders have been added to electrician labor rates based on:

         Economy of Scale

         Luminaire Elevations

         City Cost Index


4. The program now allows different escalation rates for 10 different annual costs.

5. Two additional plots have been added:

         Actual annual cost by year

         Accumulated actual annual costs by year in today's dollars 

6. The program now includes a calculation of total net present value in the printout.

7. The program now allows the user to specify an income tax rate to account for income tax reduction due to depreciation of initial costs uniformly over the life of the system.

NOTE: The new version will not read data files from previous versions automatically. To open a file from v1.1, you must specifically use the menu option “\File\Open v1.1 …”. Saving any file will automatically be done per v2.0.


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