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Economic Viewer 2.0 Features

  • The user may automatically fill in certain input fields, related to luminaire and lamp data, by using an explorer type browser to locate and read an IESNA formatted photometric file with an .IES extension. This program will then read in and populate the following fields on the input screen:
    • Luminaire Catalog Number
    • Luminaire Description
    • Luminaire Input Watts
    • Number of Lamps/Luminaire
    • Lamp Description
    • Number of Luminaires (based on desired level of illuminance)

This browser is activated by double-clicking in one of the fields to the right of the Luminaire data label "Catalog Number …". See help file for additional details.

  • The user may request a plot of the various systems showing their accumulated total costs (initial + annual), by year, over the life of the systems. This graph uses present values showing all costs in dollars as of the start of the analysis (ie. in today’s dollars). See help file for additional details.
  • The user may also request a variance analysis showing the sensitivity of certain key outputs:
    • Total Annual Costs,
    • Simple Payback Period,
    • Discounted Payback Period and
    • Internal Rate of Return

    to certain key inputs:

    • Interest Rate,
    • Escalation Rate and
    • the Cost of Electricity

See help file for additional details.

User Specified Inputs

The first three sections (luminaire, lamp and system data) show those parameters the user may specify for each system under consideration within a project. While the last section (project data) lists the parameters the user may specify only once and are thus to be used for all systems in the project.

Luminaire Data

  • Luminaire Catalog Number
  • Luminaire Description
  • Initial Cost Per Luminaire
  • Number of Luminaires
  • Input Watts/Luminaire
  • Power Factor
  • Installation Hours/Luminaire
  • Cleaning Option
    • None
    • Clean When Relamping
    • Group Clean Every xx Months
    • Cleaning Hours/Luminaire
    • Wiring Costs

Lamp Data

  • Lamp Description
  • Lamp Life (hours)
  • Cost/Lamp
  • No. of Lamps/Luminaire
  • Annual Hours of Operation
  • Relamping Option
    • None
    • Spot Relamping
    • Group Relamp Every xx Months
  • Relamping Hours/Lamp
  • Ballast Data

System Data

  • HVAC Costs
    • Initial Cost/Ton of A/C
    • Cooling Hours/Year
    • Initial Savings/kBTU of Heating Equipment
    • Heating Fuel Type (Electricity, Coal, Natural Gas or Fuel Oil)
    • Cost/Unit of Heating Fuel
  • Additional Initial Costs
  • Additional Annual Costs

Project Data

  • Labor Rate for Electricians
  • Labor Rate for Maintenance Personnel
  • System Life (years)
  • Electric rate
  • Interest Rate (Cost of Money, Opportunity Rate, Discount Rate)
  • Escalation Rate
  • Tax Rate on Initial Costs

Calculated Outputs

Initial Costs

  • Purchase Price of Luminaires
  • Labor Costs for Luminaire Installation
  • KW Load of the Lighting
  • Luminaire Wiring Costs
  • Initial Cost of Lamps (if not already included in the luminaire Cost)
  • HVAC Costs
    • Tons of A/C needed to compensate for heating from the lighting
    • Cost of A/C Equipment
    • Heating kBTUs Saved by heating from the lighting
    • Savings in Heating Equipment

Annual Costs

  • Cost of Electricity for Lighting
  • HVAC Costs
    • KW Load of the A/C
    • Cost of Running Compensating A/C
    • Cost of Maintaining Additional A/C Equipment
    • Annual Hours of Operation for Heating Equipment
    • Heat Produced by the Lighting in mBTUs
    • Savings in Operating Heating Equipment
    • Savings in Maintaining Heating Equipment
  • Cost of Replacement Lamps
  • Cost of Labor for Relamping
  • Ballast Replacement Costs
  • Cost of labor for cleaning luminaires
  • Insurance on Initial Costs
  • Property Tax on Initial Costs

Analysis Computations

  • Simple Payoff in years
  • Discounted Payoff in years
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Total Net Present Value

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