Lightware Now Available

The Lightware web site at provides the most comprehensive set of electronic tools in the industry. By combining product and catalog information, technical data, application tools, software and product graphics - Lightware provides you the Best Value in Lighting.

With Lightware, lighting professionals can easily find lighting product information by product type, by application type and by premium brand across the full range of Acuity Brands Lighting products. For nearly 1,000 types of lighting, a family overview page is provided with links to the corresponding PSG page, spec sheets and photometric data—all from a single location! Lightware includes product information for the following brands of lighting products:

Catalogs and Other Documents
Electronic versions of key printed catalogs are available on Lightware as Acrobat PDF files. These files provide detailed product information that can be browsed on your computer or printed or faxed for reference.

Product Specification Sheets
Specification sheets for all products are available as PDF files that have fields that allow specifiers to add catalog numbers and specification notes to the printed sheets. This option helps save time and produces more professional bid packages.

Photometric Data
The photometric library has been updated and includes more than 10,000 photometric files. Customers can download the entire library, individual product groups or individual files. Report details, such as the fixture efficiency, lamp lumens, etc., can be viewed in the online file viewer.

Case Studies
Product/Application case studies are now included on Lightware. These case studies are presented as examples of using innovative lighting solutions in a series of architectural and design challenges.

Graphics Library
The graphics library has been updated to include more than 1,000 photos and line drawings that can be used to create customized luminaire schedules, marketing literature and promotional flyers. Simply navigate through the graphics library and right-click the desired image to save a local copy.

Economic Viewer
Acuity Brands Lighting’s new Economic Viewer software allows the user to perform simple financial comparisons between lighting alternatives. Whether investigating the economics of a renovation project or deciding between several options in a new construction project, the Economic Viewer considers both initial and annual costs to determine payback periods and internal rate of return.

Lightware provides the most comprehensive set of electronic tools in the industry by combining product and catalog information, technical data, application tools, software and product graphics.

Photometric Viewer Software
Lithonia Lighting's new Photometric Viewer 2.1 software allows the user to view or print full photometric reports. In addition, two reports can be viewed side-by-side for quick and easy comparisons. The Viewer software also includes lighting estimators that calculate illuminance levels for interior rooms, wallwashing and exterior area lighting.

The Visual Basic Edition, can now be downloaded from Lightware. The Basic Edition of Visual is specifically designed for those who need to quickly develop and document simple interior lighting designs where uniform horizontal illumination is the primary objective.



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