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Visual is a collection of lighting calculation tools and powerful 3D modeling software engineered to simplify the design process and provide a comprehensive analysis for advanced lighting projects.
Basic Edition

The Basic Edition is lighting design software with an intuitive interface for fundamental viewing, editing and printing capabilites. The Basic Edition incorporates the Lumen Method Tool to quickly design and analyze simple interior lighting to produce uniform horizontal illuminance.

The Basic Edition is available free of charge. Download the Basic Edition today.

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is targeted at those wishing to develop and document lighting designs for exterior and complex interior applications (e.g., irregular geometry, sloped surfaces, obstructions, etc.). The Professional Edition is a unique, powerful extention of your own design process. Flexible and intuitive, it enables you to develop, analyze and modify lighting designs faster and easier than ever before.

The Professional Edition is available for $100 USD. Download a free 30-day trial version.

Lumen Method Tool

The Lumen Method Tool is specifically targeted at those wishing to quickly develop and document simple interior lighting layouts where uniform illuminance is the primary objective. The easy step-by-step process directs the user while providing graphical and numerical feedback. Multiple design options may be quickly evaluated.

The Lumen Method Tool installs with both the Basic Edition and the Professional Edition.

Visual Wireless

Visual Wireless provides the functionality of the Visual Lumen Method Tool over the wireless web. Visual Wireless is ideal for providing estimates while away from the office. It is accessible from any wireless phone with a minibrowser.

Visual Wireless is available free of charge. Simply direct the minibrowser to

Roadway Tool
The Roadway Tool is a web based tool for the development, analysis and documentation of roadway lighting designs. The step-by-step tool guides the user through the definition of the roadway geometry, selection and placement of luminaires and analysis of the resulting lighting metrics. IESNA and CIE recommendations and calculation methods are incorporated in the tool.


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