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Lightware Common Questions

Who do I call for help with Lightware?
Please contact the Lithonia Lighting Support Center at 1-800-241-3638

Why do I need to install Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater? Will this change my Internet service provider?
Lightware has been optimized for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater and is compatible with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or greater. Installing Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 will NOT change your internet service provider. If you don't have Internet Explorer, you can download the current version at www.Microsoft.com/ie.

Do I need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader? How can I do this? 
Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 must be installed before you can view the catalog or specification sheets. This free software product from Adobe can be downloaded free at http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/ocxdnld.html.

The standard Lightware installation automatically launches the Acrobat Reader installer. However, if you need to install Reader at a later time, please use the following instructions in the d:\acrobat directory.

Why do I get the following error message when navigating the pages of Lightware, "Microsoft Jscript runtime error. In frame: 'xxxxx'. [#Line 2] this page is undefined" ?

Lightware is programmed for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher. Earlier versions of Internet Explorer may not load the pages properly. To correct this, install the latest version of Internet Explorer.

What are the printer requirements? How do I print the entire page on one sheet and how do I print single pages?
Minimum printer: Postscript-compatible printer with 4M of RAM. Printers with less than 4M of RAM are unable to handle pages from the Product Selection Guide or product specification sheets.

If your printer fails to print the entire page on one sheet, please click the "Fit to Page" option in the print dialogue box. 

If you want to print only one page (as opposed to the entire document), check the Current Page option or enter a page number in the print dialogue box. The default is set to print the entire document with each new printing session.

The custom labels on the Specification sheets are not printing properly. How do I correct this?

Printers without true Postscript capability may fail to print your customized labels properly. If extraneous lines and words appear in the customized area, you can adjust your printer properties to resolve the problem.

To correct the problem, set up the printer to either download True Type fonts as bitmap fonts or print them as graphics:

  1. Click the print icon on the Acrobat toolbar
  2. Click Setup
  3. Select the LaserJet printer, then click Properties
  4. Click the Fonts tab (LaserJet III or 4) or the Print Quality tab (LaserJet 5). Other printer types should have a similar setting
  5. Select either Download True Type Fonts As Bitmap Soft Fonts or Print TrueType Fonts As Graphics, then click OK.

Can I fax pages from Lightware? Why do I sometimes get error messages?
If you have software such as FaxWorks Manager, then you can fax Lightware sheets directly to your customers. If the LightWare application is started before FaxWorks, LightWare may be unable to initialize the FaxWorks application, which results in errors in the wbtrcall.dll and the fx_works.dll. To work around this problem, please start FaxWorks (Start | Programs | FaxWorks) before launching LightWare.

Sometimes the nomenclature is too long to fit in the custom job label area on Specification Sheets. What can I do to correct this?
If the space on the label is too short to fit the entire catalog nomenclature, you can include the options information in the notes field.

How can I use the full functionality of Acrobat Reader, such as selecting graphics.
To use the full functionality of Acrobat, save the Acrobat PDF file to your workstation by clicking the Save to Disk toolbar item. Then, open the PDF file directly from Acrobat Reader.

   Acrobat Save to Disk toolbar icon.

To use the "Select Graphics" tool, click and hold on the text icon to pop up additional toolbar items.



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